I am so grateful for my experience. I have never felt more calm or more connected with the universe than I was during the session. When I met Matthew, I immediately felt at peace and willing to allow him to heal me. After the session, I felt energy in different parts of my body and felt some pain within my stomach suddenly go away. I am extremely thankful for his care for me, since it was my first time!
— Vernisa, Vacationer
I had never received reiki or energy work before I met Matthew but after having a session with him, I’m definitely sold and will be coming back for more work in the future. I had some acute back pain one day from a minor injury, and had been dealing with a whiplash injury for months. I called Matthew and set up a session, the next day my back pain had vanished and my neck felt looser than it had in a while.

The session itself was calming and relaxing, the space felt safe and comfortable. Towards the end of the session I fell into a sleep trance state and came out feeling grounded, healed, and restored. I would absolutely recommend treatment from Matthew to someone in need of healing. He has a genuine soul and a kind heart and is exactly the kind of person I can trust to transfer positive energy to me whenever we are working together.
— Luan, Savannah Local
Working with Matthew was a genuine gift. It was quickly evident that his sense of intuition is strong and that his hands have been doing this work for much longer then his current lifetime. Matthew is a real reflection of the soul of the universe, and he humbly steps out of the way to let the divine flow through his channels and into his clients, leaving the client free and open to explore his or her greater depths within.

In my experience, a true healer does not get in the way of the greater forces at work, rather they come forth as a bridge, connecting their clients soul with the source of all souls – Matthew does this very naturally.

A session with him is a portal to a higher dimension of yourself, a place that you know you’ve been before but can’t remember how to get to without a little guidance. It is simply an opportunity to shed another layer and to take one step closer to your highest and most loving self, the one that knows that there is an infinite world of creation that lies far beyond our mind’s limited perceptions. This is where all healing begins.
— Tyler, Savannah Local

Matthew is one of the clearest and most effective Reiki practitioners that I’ve ever encountered. I’ve heard so many positive accounts from people that he’s worked with. Real break throughs and transformation happen as the energy of Spirit flows through him. His sessions are absolutely not rushed or hurried. His heart is open and his eyes sparkle with Light.

During my sessions with him, I can feel energy – almost like a magnetic, heated force – where his hands are floating above my body. Vivid lights and images often appear along with a deep sense of tranquility and peace.

I highly recommend getting Reiki with Matthew. You’ll be very glad that you did.
— Isa Holloway, Savannah Acupuncturist

In the four years I’ve known Matthew, this has been his most earnest and incredible endeavor. He is truly blessed with the healing talents that few even encounter in their lives. He will go extremely far in this practice, and help a lot of people.
— Abe, Savannah Local

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