Healing tools

Innerlight Innovations would like to extend an offer for you to come and see and interact with a wide range of crystals, fossils, and minerals, from grounding to cosmic, at our gallery in Matthew’s home office and practice space.

With reasonable prices, we hope to help get you fully equipped with the tools you need to help bring your inner light into its brightest radiance!


Crystals & Fossils

Crystals and fossils are an apparent gift from the Earth; they each hold a steady frequency that matches the different frequencies in the energy body, and act as a sort of “tuning battery” for one’s chakras to come back into balance.

By meditating with crystals, holding and placing them in the correct spots during energy healing, or simply keeping them on your person throughout the day, you will find that they provide support in drawing out stagnant energy that no longer serves you while simultaneously charging your system with balancing vibrations. Just remember, most crystals need to be recharged regularly in order to remove any absorbed energy so that they can be used to their fullest potential each time.


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