✎ Consultation ✎

A 30 minute consultation is recommended preceding a treatment. First time clients receive their first consultation for $0, where further consultations are priced at $15. During your consultation, Matthew will interview you with questions regarding your mental, emotional, and physical health, allergies,  past experiences, lifestyle, and habits. With this knowledge, Matthew will have an intuitive reading set in mind and will be able to work with a well rounded understanding regarding your energy body, allowing for a deeper, more personal level of work to be completed by the end of your treatment.

After the interview, you are encouraged to ask any questions about the process of the treatment as well as anything about the practice of energy work itself. Matthew will be happy to answer any questions you may have in order to allow a broader understanding of the light within you and all others.

👐 Treatment 👐

For the time being, treatments range from 60 - 120 minutes. For first time clients, or clients with particularly pointed healing needs, the 120 minute session is highly recommended to allow Matthew to go as deeply into the roots of any blockages in your system as possible, kick-starting the healing process with fervor. The treatment begins with you removing any jewelry and possessions on your person and lying either face down or on your back, depending on which areas of your system call for the most attention.

From there, Matthew will ask you to close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and allow yourself to sink into a state of relaxation. He will then clear the space with sage for healing energy to flow freely, begin the session with aromatherapy using pure essential oils, and continue on to grid your body with various crystals to stabilize and supplement the healing work that will follow. After that, Matthew will scan your system, and begin channeling the healing essence of universal energy into your being.

You may feel sensations along your body, hear sounds, and/or see colors, images, and/or patterns within your minds eye; or, you may simply feel a soothing heat emanating from Matthew's hands. Regardless of what you may sense, the energy is moving and doing its work. Just allow yourself to breath deeply and relax. If you feel yourself drifting off into sleep, allow yourself to do so - sleep is the body's natural state of rejuvenation and as such will allow deeper levels of work to be done.

Feel free to note any thoughts, questions, or sensory experiences felt during the course of your treatment that you would like to hold for a brief discussion after the end of the experience (feel free to schedule another consultation if you would care to have a deeper discussion of your experience; and know that Matthew is happy to break the 30 minute mark where curiosity reigns!). When the work is done, Matthew will remove the crystal grid from your energy field, clear your auric field of any lingering weight, stabilize your energy body, and bring your conscious awareness back to the point of clear wakefulness for end of the session.

↡ Map ↡


↠ Directions ↞

The healing space is located on the west side of Reynolds St. in between 35th and 36th St. From 37th St., turn north onto Reynolds St. and after the first stop sign, look for the building on your left. From Anderson St., go past the train tracks after East Broad St., turn south on Reynolds St. and head down past the 35th St. stop sign and look for the second building on the right. Park anywhere on the street, and call or text on arrival!

1905 Reynolds St. Unit A

Savannah, GA, 31401


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