Reiki Level I with Matthew Wynn

Are you ready to take your healing into your own two hands? 

Explore the world of channeling, ESP, and the practice that is energy work.

Class Description

In this class, students will be given a well rounded spectrum of information regarding the nature, flow, and manipulation of the subtle universal energy of our reality. Students will have the opportunity to learn techniques to open up their own energy channels and become clearer conduits for cosmos energy to flow through them to be directed into themselves and others. Students will also receive two of the standard initiating attunements to level I Reiki, opening up their sensitivity and balancing their energy centers further than before.

It is Matthew’s goal to ensure that you are equipped with a solid understanding of the art of energy healing to begin practicing. You will learn to how increase your sensitivity to subtle energy, how to direct your attention and awareness into yourself and others, and how to use different tools to assist in the clearing and alignment of your subject of focus.

Class Materials

Students will be provided with the following:

  • An illustrated class handout with all course materials
  • Starter crystal(s) 
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo

Students will also have access to a private Facebook page on which to share experiences, ask questions, and discuss energy healing as a practice and discipline once the class is completed.

Please bring a notebook and writing utensil, and wear comfortable clothing.


Part I


History of Reiki

The Bodies of Being

  • Physical Body

  • The Bodies of Being

    • The Seven Main Chakras

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) & Intuition

  • What is ESP and Intuition?

  • How to Use Your ESP

  • How Intention Influences Reality and Your Work

  • Calling in the Energy

  • Breath Control

  • Sensitivity Test


Post Attunement Sensitivity Test

Hand Positions - Self Work

Part II


  • Crystals

  • Sage and Palo Santo

  • Aromatherapy

Hand Positions - Working On Others

What Can Happen in a Treatment?

Post Class Instructions

Question & Answers

Reiki Share


The cost of the potentially life changing course is only $125.

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Reiki Level I, Sunday, August 24th, 2016 @ 7pm

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