Life can be a very busy situation.

How often do you stop for a moment to breath?

If you ever feel a need for a quick de-stress and the clarity to handle any situation, try the exercise listed in part 2. If you want to maintain a higher level of awareness, focus, and overall wellness while keeping your mind more and more clear of that classic, habitually induced “mental clutter”, let yourself practice this breathing throughout the day; in time you will notice that you have more energy, have an easier time focusing and being, and even need to eat less to be satisfied!

To build up this practice, it is key to give yourself time and time again to take a moment for yourself. This can be done through predetermined triggers of different sorts to remind you to bring your awareness back to your center and back to your main energy supplier. Here are some suggestions for when you can remind yourself to practice:

  • At stop signs/lights while driving
  • Biking down a long stretch of street
  • Walking across the street
  • While eating
  • During bathroom breaks
  • In the shower
  • In bed before sleep
  • When you notice your mind thinking thoughts that are not serving you
  • Waiting in line/waiting for anything
  • While reading
  • During a nice long hug

The possibilities are endless! When can you think of to practice? Feel free to comment below!

I encourage you, every time that you notice that you aren’t breathing deeply (or God forbid that you aren’t breathing at all), give it a go, and you’ll begin to notice more and more just how much or how little air you are treating yourself with on a regular basis. Taking tiny breaths is a subconscious habit that can be supplemented with conscious effort! You’ll find yourself more calm and stable, and your intuition will have more room to work it’s magic. You can also supplement this practice by visualizing the air as white light entering your body and directing it to any part of your body (and your chakras as well!) for increased stimulation of healing and the cleansing/detoxifying of your system (more on this is future posts).

I hope this guide has been helpful in showing you the basics of taking back control of your breath. Thank you for reading!

~Matthew ♥