Energy Worker

Matthew was born in Miami, Florida, where he grew up homeschooled, running barefoot and free around his neighborhood in Miami Shores. Although never exposed to energy healing in an educational setting, Matthew’s mother, Sandy, who was attuned to Reiki, used to give he and his sister treatment for small things like headaches as a child. Matthew never knew that what he had experienced was Reiki until over a decade later when discussing his new practice with his mother over the phone.

At the age of 11, young Matthew moved up to Vermont to begin school for the first time. He graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy in 2010 and after a gap year was accepted into SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) for the fall quarter of 2011. Although he thrived in his classes and was overjoyed by the environment of artists around him, he had to drop out due to financial aid restrictions, and instead began to focus more on building a life for himself with an eye on higher education in the future.

In the summer of 2012 Matthew experienced his first reconnection to spiritual energy through the teachings of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, and from there he set off on his path to experiencing the love of existence and understanding the nature of humanity and the systems of balance and alignment in all things. He explored meditation, learned about the chakras, opened up to intuitive writing and speaking, and bought his first crystals. During the fall of 2013 with his dear friend, fellow artist, and entrepreneur Kristen Jussila, Matthew discovered the extra sensory ability to feel vibrations resonating in other people with his hands.

From there, things began to pick up pace as he searched the internet for more information on what he had experienced. In due time, he attracted an appointment with Savannah resident Reiki Master Mackensey Alexander and experienced his first Reiki treatment. He was blown away by the experience and all that he felt, and sought out Reiki Master Dante Santiago to have his first attunement to Reiki and commence his work as a Reiki practitioner.

Per instructions from Santiago, Matthew practiced on himself for 21 days to build the “habit” of channeling universal energy. From there he began to practice with friends and coworkers until moving up to Washington, DC, in 2014 to live and spend time with his sister Rachel. During his time in DC, Matthew  attended a 12 hour workshop with Reiki Master David Gleekel in Rockville, Maryland. After certification, Matthew continued building his practice until moving back to Savannah in the fall of 2015. Once back home, Matthew connected with his mentor, Greg “Isa” Holloway, and has set up practice out of his home and in the office of Savannah’s own Coastal Acupuncture Savannah.